OPTIMIK® 3.33

    Basic Version: Free

    OPTIMIK - optimizing cutting software for companies and individuals who want to save money and work effectively with minimal waste and keep track…

    OPTIMIK® 3.33 offers you:

    • Powerful computation algorithm
    • Optimik creates and registers jobs, stock, products, documents ….
    • Optimization avoiding defects on the material
    • Export / Import for CNC cutting stations


    FormEdik 1.20

    Basic Version: Free

    FormEdik allows you to fill out or create any document or form

    FormEdik 1.20 offers you:

    • More than 40 bar code types in PROFI version
    • Form filling as easy as never before
    • Bulk data export and print out!


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Cutting optimizing software Carpenters, glassmakers, sheet material cutters, window makers save time, material and keep record of your jobs, documents and stock…

FormEdik 1.20

Form filling software creates, fills out, and prints paper forms.You can create bar codes, labels, fill out bank and government forms and much more…

RK Software s.r.o.

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01.06.2014 We have changed the way providing programs Fakturatik and Optimik from the license ( version diversification) to credit system ( point recharge).
31.05.2014 New version of OPTIMIK® 3.33 is now available.
26.05.2014 We are changing the license system from June 1sth,2014
05.12.2013 New version of OPTIMIK® 3.32 is now available.
01.07.2013 New version of OPTIMIK® 3.31 is now available.